We offer our patients a thorough evaluation which utilizes Orthopedic Manual Therapy Techniques combined with Therapeutic Exercise. These combined techniques work with your body in healing injured tissue resulting in remarkable pain relief. Orthopedic Manual Therapy combined with Therapeutic Exercise offers statistically faster results than traditional physical therapy.
I offer clinical expertise for effective diagnosis and hands on treatment of soft tissue (muscles, fascia, ligaments, discs, etc.) and joint injuries. My goal is to gain positive results for my patients within a few visits to maintain their active lifestyle. My evaluation identifies the injured tissues and the treatments that utilize the body’s own healing, reduces pain, increases range of motion (flexibility), induces relaxation, improves function and posture. The injury treated can be acute or chronic joint injury, or can involve multiple joint injuries. Manual therapy treatments give powerful, successful results as compared to traditional physical therapy treatments. Dallas Manual Therapy, a private manual therapy clinic, offers one-on-one personal patient therapy care.
Dallas Manual Therapy Clinic offers therapy techniques to stimulate the body’s receptors to reduce pain, improve circulation, and restore health to the injured tissues. A therapeutic exercise program is designed to restore the tissue strength. The most important quality needed for patient care success is the personal desire to improve. I believe in using an active approach in order to prevent further degeneration of injured tissue which allow the patient to return to their improved quality of life.
I have recently completed an 11 patient clinical PhD study on rotator cuff shoulder injury pain relief. This 2 month study utlilized manual therapy, plus a therapeutic exercise progression program that documented tendon healing with the evaluation by Ultrasound Imaging and Doppler for the vascular system.
PhD – Doctor of Philosophy in Manual Therapy
Certified in QRI Primitive Reflex Testing and Treatment
Specialist for treatment of primative reflex integration