John Hardison – PhD
Maude Cejudo is the best alternative solution to surgery! She has been able to fix several physical issues that I have had to deal with for years and all the other doctors simply suggested invasive surgery. Thank you Maude, You make the world a better place!”
Marcello Guercini – President Craddock Lumber
Maude is not satisfied until the problems experienced by her patients are fully resolved. She is great!!!”
David Tilden
Dr. Cejudo is an excellent manual therapist. Anytime I’m having any sort of mobility issue, she has been able to get me back on my feet in no time. Great for athletes and recreational movers”. You won’t be disappointed!”
Mike Mirau – Proactive Leadership Group, CEO
I have had numerous sports injuries over the years. As I get older I find myself with different aches and pains from normal day to day activity. Once I had a pinched nerve in my back and could not lift my left arm. After 3 trips to the orthopedic doctor, and pending surgery, I went to Maude as an act of desperation. She worked on me for over an hour and the next day, the pain was gone. I had full strength again in my arm. Now, whenever I get hurt, my first call is to Maude. She always makes it better. I am a Maude fan and highly recommend her.”
Please contact us if you have any questions, including what to expect on your first visit.
We first find the origin of your pain and then resolve the problem. Once the problem is gone, so is the pain that came with it.”
Dr. Maude Cejudo PhD, PT, DMT
Doctor of Orthopedic Manual Therapy